Jade Crystal Skulls

green jade samplesJade is a healing stone. All forms and colors of Jade are known for their healing properties. They strengthen the body and promote longevity. Jade helps with curing problems of the kidney, heart, larynx, liver, parathyroid, spleen and thyroid. In addition to the above GREEN jade is thought to greatly enhance luck, as well as facilitating peace within ones physical, emotional, and intellectual structures. It dispenses negativity and instills resourcefulness. YELLOW or HONEY jade was often used by ancient tribes as a sacred stone. It was thought to be a powerful talisman for assisting one to access the spiritual worlds. It also promotes emotional balance, dispels negativity, and radiates love. Jade also comes in a variety of other colors including, pink, blue, black, white and red.

Chinese Jade Skull Statue 1
Chinese Jade Skull Statue 1
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